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Our Head Mr. saurabh Sharma had worked with various Prestigious group under his flag ship company Dreeshti Aircon Pvt Ltd and had covered various clients belonging to various different Industrial sectors across globe. We had covered different application and business sector; few of them are listed below

Project under Execution.(Group Client)

DLF Crest, Gurgaon:
(Multiv : 2200 HP)
Madam Tussaud Museum, Delhi (Multi V 130 HP)
Paras Irene Club
(VRF : 152 HP)
Vartika Sovereign Next
(Multi v: 3500 HP)
EMAAR MGF, Palm Terrace Select, Gurgaon (3400 HP)
IREO Uptown, Gurgaon
(4728 HP Multi-V)
IREO Skyon Club, Gurgaon (Multi-V with AHU 168 HP, Ventilation )
IREO Hills Club & Lobby, GGN (Multi-v 162 + 180 HP )
IREO Corridor Club, Gurgaon (Multi-v 260 HP)
THSTI FARIDABAD, Dept. of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.(Chiller :500TR)
Suncity Project : La Lagune , Gurgaon (Operation And maintenanve 4070 HP )

Industrial Application and Hospital Industries.

Genpact India, Jiapur
(Multi V with AHU -354 HP )
Genpact India, Hyderabad
(Multi V 160 HP )
Genpact India, Noida
(Multi V 40 HP, Inverter Cassette AC)
North Block of India, India Secretariat, Delhi (VRF : 1240 HP)
Lochab Motors Solutions, Rohtak. (Ductable and Tower AC)
Sigma Corporation India Ltd.
(Ductable : 245 TR)

Aikon Technologies Solutions.
(MPS : 60 HP)
Senior India Solutions, IMT Manesar. (Cassette AC : 30 TR)
R-VISION Channel, GK-1, Delhi (Cassette AC : 30 TR)
Iceberg Foods Limited, Bahadurgadh. (Chilled Water : 100 TR)
Eye7 Hospital, New Delhi.
(Chaudhary Eye Centre & Laser Vision)
Midland Capital Management India SOLUTIONS (Multi-v 176HP)
Times Wellness Centre, Lajpat NagarNew Delhi (MULTI-V100HP)
Dinamic Oil, Bahadurgasdh (Cassette AC & Inverter OTwer C)
KORUS , Bahadurgadh
(Ductable : 120 TR)
Interface Microelectronics Solutions, Gurgaon.
(Ductable : 120 TR)
SRF, Bhiwadi.
(Tower AC )

Malls and Retails outlets

MIRAJ Mall, Ajmer, Rajasthan
(VRF : 680 HP, Design & Execution)
One Mall, Indrapuram.
(Ductable & Cassette AC )
Sheetal Life Style Mall, Rohtak. (Ductable : 700 TR)
Café Coffer day, Rohtak

TaTa Docomo (Meerut and Raipur, Cassette AC )
United Color of Benetton.
The Manesar Club
(Ductable & Cassettes : 30 TR)
Adventure Mall 600 TR with Ventilation)

Hospitality and Hotel Industries

The Palms, Gurgaon.
(Ansals Group)
Tarika Jungle Resort, Jim Corbett.
Ashoka Country Resort, Rajokri.
Proveance Estate, Faridabad
(88 HP)

Educational Institutes

Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law (VRF : 190 HP, Ductable : 650 TR)
J. K Lakshmipath University, Jaipur. (Ductable : 550 TR)
Spring Dales School, New Delhi. (Ductable : 25 TR)
B.M Institute of Technology and Management, Sonipath. (MPS and Ductable : 70 TR)
Delhi Public School, Jaipur
(Multi V with AHU 30 HP)
Paras World School, Gurgaon
(Multi V : 390 HP)